How much does it cost to get a Trademark Registration in India

Before filing an application for Trade Mark, we suggest a search of the Trade Mark database to confirm that the name is available.

A search for up to FIVE names, given together, would be (S) ₹500. Once the name is available, the application is to be filed.
The attorney fee to handle EACH mark in EACH class would be (L) ₹5000.
The Official Trademark filing fee is:
(B) ₹9000 for a large legal entity, ₹4500 for a small legal entity or an individual applicant.

There shall be NO further fee till registration unless there is an OPPOSITION or a HEARING. The fees for attending a HEARING shall be ₹2000 and for responding to opposition shall be ₹10000 for each opposition.

Once we get an notification of registration from the Trademark office then attending to getting the certificate, handling and postage fees would be (R) ₹2000. This fee shall remain ₹2000 irrespective of the number of classes.

There is NO yearly renewal fee for first TEN years.

Alternatively we offer you an option of paying a total of (A) ₹12000 as professional fees for prosecuting an application up to registration. In this option we commit ourselves to prosecute the application at the Trademark office till registration for a fix one time fee of ₹12000 and thereby protect you from making any unforeseen payment (For a case which does not face a third party opposition).

Thus the two options are:
1. Attorney fees for filing (L) ₹5000 + Trademark Office fees + Action based fee for prosecuting the application till registration/final disposal of the case.
2. ONE time fixed Attorney fees of (A) ₹12000 + Trademark Office fees + NO further fees for prosecuting the application till grant/final disposal of the case (Recommended).

It usually takes 24 months to get a registration, in the meantime you are permitted to write TM besides the mark.

We would need the following:
1. Name + address of the applicant.
2. The list of goods and services to be filed.
3. The mark in JPG format.
4. The date of the earliest use of the mark and the place where this usage started along with a copy of any document which can be used as evidence of such usage.
5. The copies of registration certificate/pending extract from earliest filed other countries. This will help to establish the date of earliest usage.

You may directly call on +91.9860588440 or write mail to for further information and discussions.